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Ki Is Your Host

Ki Is Your Host

Ki is your host (Kee) is a European market strategist, former musician, and athlete, that has made it her mission to develop what has not been done before. She has studied markets and people all over the world and created her own process to develop self-confidence and strategic thinking.

The ideas of building self-confidence and strengthening people are coming from Ki´s passion to help and support people. She has visited youth centers and prisons, helped people on release, and also spent a few years helping refugees coming from severe circumstances to a better life.


We provide the following services:

  • Support young and old to build self-confidence and develop a positive mindset with simple models.

  • Equip leaders with self-confidence and a business mindset.

  • Lecture and hold speeches, custom-made for your needs.

  • Support you in starting up your business.

  • Provide tools for going where you want in life and reach your goals.

The focus lies on you.

Ki is part of the change and in her simple way - her own models, innovative and inspirational thoughts that can benefit you in your life. Check out the books and the online courses (e-courses). Ki likes to push borders and offers a unique approach to most things in life. Her approach is less etiquette and more core.

Ki´s concept MENTALITY BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT equals the mentality for a new innovative kind of business development where the focus lies on how you think and take action. There are also parts that focus on your own personal development, which suits all people.

For more information about our services, please visit the website at

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