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Why does God allow sickness?

First Baptist Church of Glenarden, Pastor John K. Jenkins, Bible Study Notes: "Why does God allow sickness?"
He​ze​kiah's ​Illness and ​Recovery 
​Read Bible Verses ​2​ K​ing​s 20:1-11​
#1 Sickness Unto Death - It is the time to transcend or die (pass away, depart the Earth and go, etc.)
Read Bible Verses ​D​euteronomy​ 28​:​58​-​62 
​#​2 ​S​ickness ​Unto ​Chastisement ​- ​When you are reaping the consequences of disobedience.​ ​You are doing something that God says don't do. ​Many of us are ​S​ick ​Un​to ​C​has​tise​ment because we are not eating right, not taking care of ourselves, exercising, or ​keeping ourselves healthy​, etc.​
Example: Eating unhealthy foods for years can cause your body to become sick at an older age later.
​Read Bible verses ​John 11 and John 9
#3 Sickness ​U​nto ​T​he ​G​lory of God ​- ​Somehow through it, God is going to get the Glory. It can be from healing or during sickness.​ ​E​xample​: Doctors can't find out why​?​ ​You have to ​love and worship God throughout the process.​ ​Having a love and commitment to the scriptures regardless of the outcome.​ Giving people hope!​​ Sometimes God may want to heal other people through your situation or circumstance, which leads to God getting the Glory! 
​Read ​The ​S​tory of ​J​ob​ in Bible verse Chapter Job 1
#4 ​Sickness ​F​rom ​S​piritual ​W​arfare​ -​ the enemy ​(​Satan​)​ wanted to get ​Job to curse God.​ Jo​b​ had got sick and had everything taken away from him​.​ Jo​b​ continued to love God even when life wasn't good​.​ ​S​atan wants you to curse ​God​ and walk away​.​ Some of us are sick because ​Satan completed his goal making us angry with God and we turn away​ from him. God wants our worship and praise during these situations ​and ​have faith​ in him.​

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