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What is 300 hp diesel engines and its characteristics?

Definition of a 300 hp diesel engine:

FAWDE offers a range of engines to meet the needs of a growing global market, continuing its leadership in advanced technology.The FAWDE 300HP diesel cycle engine is designed for continuous high stress, with the following features.


The characteristics of 300 hp diesel engines: 

Fuel saving:

Higher injection pressure, higher atomization rates and better combustion thanks to the electronically controlled high-pressure common rail system.

High burst pressure due to the reinforced design of the moving friction subassemblies, structural components and other parts.

four-valve technology, high exhaust efficiency.

optional self-developed integrated VCU device (multi-state switch, etc.), which can adjust the oil supply according to the vehicle load.



EGR system products do not require the use of after-treatment injection systems, resulting in low operating costs and low maintenance costs.

SCR system products have adequate combustion and high fuel economy.



The adoption of the internationally widely used and technically mature electronically controlled common rail system.

The adoption of key components such as pistons, piston rings, cranks, shaft tiles, high-strength bolts and other first-class brand products from OTEO.

urea injection system with after-run function to prevent nozzle blockage caused by crystallization of urea pipes.

SCR system with water heating and electrically heated urea pipes, urea tank heating function, adapting to cold region operation.

EGR system products with differential pressure sensors to monitor the operation of the after-treatment processor in real time.

The complete B10 set has a life of 800, 000 km.



The use of the Dutch LMS vibration test system for vibration optimization of the whole machine, providing NVH matching optimized packages with low vibration and low noise.

Adopting helical gear transmission to improve transmission stability and reduce mechanical noise.

Adopting ladder frame to increase the structural stiffness of the whole machine and reduce vibration.

optional cruise function to reduce driving intensity.

precise dynamic calibration, making the whole vehicle shift smoothly.

Optional oil level switch and differential pressure switch to automatically remind the discharge of blockages through the coarse and fine filters.


Safe for:

Engine braking technology as standard, with optional exhaust brake for high braking power and greater safety on heavy downhill loads.

Optional installation of OBD fault detection, real-time fault alarm.


Environmentally friendly:

Patented four-valve dual intake channel technology with a faint smoke smell.

Large emission margin with potential for emission upgrade.


Complete set optimization:

Calculation, analysis and comparison, testing, and evaluation of the complete vehicle match using the Austrian AVL complete vehicle drivetrain simulation software, with strong complete vehicle match and better economic efficiency.

A wide range of after-treatment devices are available to meet the different needs of the complete vehicle.

SCR system products urea injection without air assist, easy installation of the after-treatment system.

EGR system products do not require the processing of the injection system, after-treatment devices with silencers are used, and the whole vehicle is easily arranged.


Individual design:

Optional GPS system with vehicle management, real time control, vehicle safety, remote diagnosis and other functions.

Optional PTO device to meet the needs of special vehicle use.

Optional remote throttle, speed limit, sub-shutdown, CAN meter and other functions.


This article focuses on the definition of 300 hp diesel engines and its characteristics to give you a more detailed understanding of it. If you want more information, you can contact FAW, which has high quality 300 hp diesel engines for sale.

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