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Attention: Christians
​Check out this great resource called "Stop Negative Thoughts Today Course" written by Vernon L. Williams.​

Do you:
1. Focus only on the negative aspects of an issue?
2. Put yourself down?
3. View things negatively when no facts support the view?
4. Say things like “Nothing ever goes right for me”, Everything works against me”, “I always mess up when drawing blood.” 
5. Make negative predictions about the future?
6. Make “Should have” and “Should not have” statements?  
7. Reject compliments?
8. Blame others for your problems?
9. Demand that you perform perfectly at all times?
10. Take responsibility for things not under your control?
If you answered “Yes” to at least one of these, your thought life needs reprogramming right now. Download the ​"​Stop Negative Thoughts Today Course​"​ at https://vernonlwilliams.com/stop-negative-thoughts-today-course/
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