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As part of a team of guys from Rock City Church, Baltimore, MD, this past Friday, I had the opportunity to go into the Baltimore City Detention Center where they keep the worst case kids that will have to be tried as adults even though they are under 18 and they will have to go to trial at some point for an adult sentence to be placed upon them. We went in there with my man Show (a.k.a. M.O.G. Showtime) and Testimony, and they tore it down!


There were a total of 54 boys in front of us, and by the end of the night 35 were born again! You would never know they did crimes as heinous as murdering possibly more than one person, had been in gangs (bloods, crips, etc) or that they had done things that were so bad they had to be tried as adults when they go to court. Most of them are awaiting a trial date to be convicted and many will be going to the "adult" population once they turn 18, but guess what...


We were the FIRST to go into that place and minister to the youth!! That's MAJOR!


If you could've seen the looks on those young men's faces: The boyish desire to be noticed, recognized, built up, shown love and attention, and a degree of affection from a male, father or brother figure for them, which was so great and so evident. Kids wanted to show me their talents in singing, rapping, etc. One asked me if I could help him get a job after he got out.


It was just a powerful moment!


Listen, if any of you know of a resource to help kids like this get a fresh start even with a criminal background, when / if they are able to get out, please contact me at We need to talk ASAP! My heart goes out to them. I wanted to cry when I saw some of them, but I remained strong for them, though inside I wanted to cry to some degree. With the overwhelming emotion of joy that I felt when they gave their lives to Christ (I, Norman Brown, personally led about 8 or 9 to Christ), I guess that overpowered the tears on the inside (mixture of joy and sadness).


God is great! I believe that many of these kids will be able to go free one day, but I believe that we must stay consistent in their lives to keep them on fire for God and hopeful of their future.


I am looking for QUALITY, ANOINTED, MALE artists (as they will not allow us to bring females there) to join me in this effort. Again, please, contact me ASAP! We will be going back again in this month of May and plan to continue twice a month.



Founder, Word Life Café

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Comment by Kim Hixson on May 26, 2011 at 8:15pm
I have a male artist that would love to get involved.

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