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August 2019 Blog Posts (414)

Introduction of Pneumatic Punch Press Feeder

Description: Pneumatic punch press feeder is an earlier machine used for punch feeding. It has two forms: active feeding and passive pulling. Active feeding is suitable for general materials. Materials are fed into the die by feeder; passive pulling is suitable for thin or soft materials, mainly used for feeding products with low precision and low…

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Super Pin Connector is widely used in military, aerospace, Medical and RF applications etc.

It adopts advanced no Welding compression-style interconnect technology.  It often used in Semiconductor test sockets and PCB(board to board) interconnects where low-distortion

transmission lines are a necessity. 

Supper Pin offers superior value to other contact technologies such as Pogo Pins,…


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Soybean Oil Press Machine

Soy oil is rich in linoleic acid. Linoleic acid has limited effect on reducing the risk of heart disease. As linoleic acid is not heat-resistant, it is easy to oxidize and polymerize after frying or repeated heat, which is very harmful to health.



Press method is divided into two: general press method and screw press method. The common press method is now rarely used, especially in industrial mass production. The screw press method is relatively complex. The cylinder…


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Ultrafiltration Ceramic Membrane Element

JIUWU company produces the ceramic ultrafiltration membranes with the pore size 20nm, 50nm and so on. JIUWU company offers a large choice of ceramic uf membranes with different geometries and cut-offs to meet your process requirements in viscosity, molecule size, impurity profile, purity and yield target, etc. as well as cleaning and sanitization procedures. Ceramic ultrafiltration membranes are better than those membranes in ceramic membrane filtration systems. Our UF membrane water…


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Chelating Resin

SEPLITE ® Chelating Resin


SEPLITE® chelating resin is ion exchange chelating resins for metals removal, recovery and enrichment.


Chelating resins are a class of chelating ion exchange resin with reactive functional groups that chelate to metal ions. They have the same bead form and polymer matrix as usual ion…


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Gothia Cup Medals

Specifications of the gothia cup medals:

Material: Copper

Design: 3D,Hollow

Plating: Antique Copper Plating

Coloring: No Coloring

Size: 45*45mm

Donghong is a professional maker of all kinds of sports medals since 1984. Our Strengths:

Excellent quality, competitive price, timely shipment, professional customer service, professional one stop solution…


Added by Mr. Mark Sheu on August 31, 2019 at 8:30pm — No Comments

Inverter Data Logger

Inverter Data logger Introduction

Inverter data logger is mainly used in distributed PV power station. It records inverters' operation status and the generated power to make a long-term monitoring of the PV system. As a high cost performance product, inverter data logger for solar system only needs to be invested a little but greatly promotes the rate of return on investment…


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Do you know what is mobile stage truck manufacturers

Mobile stage trucks were created by mobile stage truck manufacturers. This mobile stage truck, combining traditional mobile stage truck and LED advertising vehicle, was finally named LED stage truck. It has stage, display screen, technology and practicality, and the stage area is large enough.


LED stage trucks are widely used in various kinds of stages,…


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Clip Making Machine

Paper clip making machine is used for making paper clips, include nickel plating type and plastic covered type. It could produce different series of paper clip: RWB series, RWC series, RWH series and other customized types. Our clip making machine suppliers adopt two sets of straightening devices to ensure that the feeding steel wire is straight and the finished paper clips are smooth and beautiful. The…


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Silicone Rubber Insulation Product

The Characteristics of silicone electrical insulation Product


  1. Heat and Cold Resistance

Since silicone rubber has high bond energy and good chemical stability, its heat resistance is better than that of organic polymers. Furthermore, since the intermolecular interaction force is weak, the glass transition temperature is low and the cold resistance is also…


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What Does Silicone Mean 2

What does silicone mean

Silicone, i.e., an organosilicon compound, refers to a compound containing the Si-C bond and having at least one organic base that is directly connected to the silicon atom. It is also customary to treat compounds that connect organic bases to silicon atoms through oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen, etc. as organosilicon compounds. Among them,…


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Used Concrete Boom Pump

It is a common fact that we find a wide variety of concrete machines on every construction sites, which make the construction jobs easy, safe and quick. Used concrete equipment has the characteristics of high cost performance. Low risk, low investment cost, high returns. Engineers have a strict review mechanism for the source and control of the used concrete pump truck, inspecting more than 500 items and filling in the first inspection list. Used pump truck that meets the Teila review…


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Telescopic Boom Lift

Telescopic Man lift 20-22M

Greater lift capacity: The boom is made of high strength steel plate and has sufficient strength and capacity of preventing from flexural deformation. By adoption of modern design tools such as finite element analysis and dynamic simulation, the capacity is greater.


Self Propelled Work Telescopic Lift Platform 25-27M

It can…


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Bulk Cargo Semi Trailer

In addition to being widely used in terminal ports and transport containers, semi-trailers also have a series of models suitable for transporting dry goods, bulk cargo, timber, etc. on the road. What types of bulk semi trailer does Ultraton have? With these years' rich manufacturing experience and feedback from customers,…


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Packaging of Unexpected Surprises

Unexpected Surprises

One of the best ways to attract new customers and build loyalty is through Gift With Purchase packaging promotions. And in this category, it is tough to surprise HLP Klearfold, because we have lots of experience creating excitement through our visual packaging. We know how to deliver results that keep…


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A Brief Description of the Fully Refined Paraffin Wax

Performance characteristics

The fully refined paraffin wax manufacturers in China Also called pure white wax, fully refined paraffin wax appearance is white solid, there are massive and granular products. Its products high melting point, oil content, less not cohere at room temperature, no sweat, no greasy feeling, waterproof, moistureproof and good electrical insulation. Due to the delicate and deep, low content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Chemical stability and light, good…


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P-Chlorbenzotrifluoride (PCBTF)

CAS NO.: 98-56-6

Chemical properties of PCBTF solvent

P-chlorbenzotrifluoride (PCBTF) is a liquid at room temperature. It has a relative density of 1.353 and is soluble in organic solvents such as benzene and toluene.


Uses of PCBTF

PCBTF is used as an intermediate for pesticides, medicines, and dyes.


Storage and transportation…


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Zoomlion 56m Concrete Boom Pump

Product Description of 56m Concrete Pump Zoomlion


  • Compact in design, the 56m pump mounted on the 4-axle truck, total weight is within the limit of the truckload.
  • Efficient pump unit: consist of 2 Rexroth 180 main pumps, which generates 90 bar pressure on concrete with the smooth flow of…

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Automated Manufacturing Line Science Popularization

Automated Manufacturing Line Science Popularization

(1)The meaning of automated manufacturing line: A number of active machine tools placed in the order of certain skills, combined with workpiece transmission equipment and control system, according to the production rhythm of the rules, the workpiece actively and sequentially passes through each processing station…


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1000W Reflector HPS Lamps

Performance Data of Reflector 1000W HPS Lamps

Light Output (LumenslOOHrs)


Lamp Lumens Per Watt (Lumens/Watt)


Rated Life(Hrs. 10 Hr.lStrat)



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