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What kind datas Argentina we provided

Argentina is one of the main crop producing and exporting nations in the world. In fact, agriculture makes up 54% of Argentina's exports. Their main agricultural export is wheat, they are the world's 5th largest wheat exporter in the world. Argentina's other main agricultural exports include soybeans, maize, barley, rice, flax seed, sugarcane, cotton, citrus fruits, and grapes. Industrial goods accounted for 31% of their exports. most of this comes from cars and motor vehicle parts. Other…


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Used Sany 46 Meters Concrete Boom Pump

Our own number: 557

Sany 46 meters concrete pump, Isuzu chassis, RZ type, classical 5 booms, high working stability.

Manufacture Date is April of the year 2011 and pumping Volume is 124400cmb and Mileage is 35100km.

Comprehensive maintenance, direct to the construction site.


Overview of equipment:

Five-section RZ arm frame, the fabric is…


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What is the Role of the Radiator Balancing Valve?

The radiator thermostatic balancing valve is a self-operated constant temperature flow control valve mounted on the radiator. It is composed of a thermostatic valve body and a temperature regulating device for air temperature sensing. The principle of action is that the opening of the thermostatic valve body is automatically controlled to change the amount of hot water passing through the radiator. When the room temperature is lower than the set temperature value, the…


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Yacht Model Making Case Study

Yacht Model Making Case Study

Project name:Yacht model

Material: ABS engineering plastics

Process: CNC machining

Post treatment: Painting, plating

Qty: 1 set

Advantages: high precision, fast speed and high processing efficiency

Production cycle: 15 days

Project requirements:

1. Precise proportion: The yacht model is made in 1:40…


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Hexagonal steel tube is a kind of hexagonal (hexagonal) steel pipe which is made of steel. It is also called special-shaped steel pipe. Among them, there are octagonal, rhombic and elliptical tubes.


Hexagon metal tube is the general name of steel pipe with other cross-section shapes besides circular pipe. It has welded special-shaped pipe and seamless special-shaped pipe.…


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Plastic Water Bottle Caps Push Pull Lid Caps

Plastic Water Bottle Caps Push Pull Lid Caps Features:

Plastic water bottle push pull cap, as seen on many water bottles, and here seen in closed configuration. The…


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FTTH Terminal Box

The FTTH distribution terminal box is made of ABS material and is a box for protecting optical fiber cable and pigtail welding at the termination of the optical cable, and is mainly used for straight-through force connection, branch connection of the indoor optical cable and fixing of the cable terminal, and functions as a pigtail disk storage and protection joint.


FTTH terminal box is…


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Castor Oil Press Machine

Castor oil extraction machine is composed of electrical control, automatic heating, adjustment, transmission, and vacuum oil filter. The screw is carburized by alloy steel to enhance surface hardness and wear resistance. The screw platter is ground by the surface grinding machine. It can guarantee oil line precision and improve oil output rate. The castor oil extraction machine’s distribution, automatic heating, and other standard components are all selected from well-known brands, which…


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Polypropylene Floor Mats

Polypropylene carpet is a synthetic fiber carpet made from petroleum refined propylene. Polypropylene carpet belongs to chemical fibers. Polypropylene carpet has the advantages of light texture, low price, friction resistance and good care. Especially, the technological progress in recent decades has greatly improved the comfort and decoration of polypropylene carpet, which has made polypropylene carpet popular and sought after by people.


Function of…


Added by chen Sandy on September 21, 2019 at 3:00am — No Comments



Transparent LED Display Screens features in super (or ultra) transparent, simple, high contrast ratio, smart, high refresh rate, new configuration equal characteristic creating a more efficient and valuable urban media! Transparent LED screens can be converted into more valuable media promotions with unique visual impact forces, such as glass window, glass curtain walls, video walls or large indoor commercial spaces. YIPLED ®…


Added by Banny Li on September 21, 2019 at 2:30am — No Comments

High Temperature Series

2.7V High Temperature Series

High temperature 85 ° C; Rated voltage 2.7V 1000 hours; Surge voltage 2.85V; Capacity range 1.0F~100F; Operating temperature range -40 ~ +85℃; Capacity attenuation ≤ 30%, internal resistance change ≤ 4 times.


5.5V High Temperature Series  

Technical dataHT SeriesPerformance characteristics: High temperature 85 ° C seriesTypical applications: RAM, detonator, car recorder, smart meter, vacuum switch, digital camera, motor drive and so…


Added by Sue Wang on September 21, 2019 at 2:00am — No Comments

Clay Insulation Brick

Diatomite brick is a kind of Clay Insulation brick. Thermal Insulation Bricks are high porosity refractories with low thermal conductivity and high porosity (no less than 45%) used to reduce heat losses and thus to maximize heat conservation within the furnace.

Clay Insulation brick Characteristics

●High porosity

●Low volume density

●Low Thermal conductivity



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7200 Lumens DLP Laser Projector for Multiple projection in Large Venues

We have large venue projectors for sale, and the details as below.

DU7200 has 7200 lumens brightness with the 1920*1200 resolution, and the throw ratio of DU7200 is 0.79. It can supply to the exhibition hall, company exhibition, the lecture hall of the university, the performance and others.


Functions of Laser Projectors


DLP Projection…


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Gray Big Polka Dot Drinking Paper Straws

Model: SYPD-B gray and white paper straws

Colour: Grey with white polka dot

Size: Length: 19.7cm, Inner Dia: 5.5mm, Outer Dia: 6mm(1/4 inch)

Weight: 1.2g per pcs (±0.02)

Packing: Normal in single colour: 500pcs/ OPP bag, 5000pcs/Carton

Mix maximum 20 colors per case.

We can customized packing as below:Paper bag/ Plastic Packing/…


Added by Cathy Fang on September 20, 2019 at 11:00pm — No Comments

Clean Room Single Glass Window


The Single glass window consists of an aluminum frame and a single layer of tempered glass. Due to the transparent properties of glass, it is usually used as an observation window. Because there is only one layer of glass, the thermal insulation of the windows is not particularly good. It is commonly used in the partition walls of two rooms with similar temperatures.


Double Glass Window…


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LED Studio Serial Number And Password -- How To Load RCG File And CON File

LEDFUL is a professional led screen company, and we always focus on producing outdoor led panel. We can also provide you led studio 12, rcg file for led screen and led studio 10. Always feel free to inquiry!


Linsn rcg

LED studio is…


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BMC/SMC Moulding Description:


We mainly use SMC injection molding and pressure molding as the methods. When designing the flow channel…


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Thermally Conductive Silicone Adhesive - 2752

Are you looking for RTV silicone thermal conductivity?


GOLOHO-2741 is a high performance thermal conductivity of silicone sealant 

  • Excellent thermal conductive, heat dissipation and…

Added by Neil Chen on September 20, 2019 at 10:30pm — No Comments

Digital Hearing Aid

Digital hearing aid is a hearing device that receives sound and digitizes it (breaks sound waves up into very small, discrete units) prior to amplification. And it built-in intelligence that allows them to discern between soft, but desirable sounds and louder, but unwanted noise. Such devices can amplify the former while neutralizing the latter for better performance in a variety of environments. They can divide into two categories, one is the programmable hearing aid and another one is the…


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6 Inch Ball Valve

Description of 6 Inch Ball Valve:

ZECO Valve Group is a well-known ball valve manufacturer in China. Since its establishment in 1991, it has been producing ball valves for nearly 30 years. In the production process, ZECO regards each valve as a handicraft to keep improving. With the support of high-tech production equipment and high-tech personnel, each product can achieve international quality. ZECO has been a high-tech enterprise in China for many years. Every…


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