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"Spiritual exercise".

For over 30 years ago, I got baptized in the Holy Spirit and fire, with the speaking in new tongues as a sign, which you can read about in my testimony poem.

During all these years, I've experienced that if I daily didn't pray in tongues, I could easily start to walk in the flesh....and even not focus on spiritual things at all, but rather worldly things, and in that way go off the "narrow path" and my close relationship with Abba Father.

So each day I start by praying in the spirit/the new tongues for at least 30 minutes, and then regularly during the day, and especially when The Holy Spirit reminds to pray for someone, as He knows the need of everyone, so when I pray in the spirit for anyone, I know that I pray according to Abba Father's will.

To stay physically healthy, I try to eat healthy foods, but I also need to exercise regularly, so then I go for a walk uphill etc. 😊

To stay spiritual healthy, I need to eat The Word (the sum of It) daily, and I need to perform my "spiritual exercise" daily, too, which is the speaking/praying in the new tongues in my born again spirit, and as I do this regularly, it's easier for me to stay connected with the Holy Spirit, and He's giving me of His strength, wisdom and love (and the rest of His fruit will increase in me), and I can allow Him to pray through me as I pray in the tongues for others etc. 😊

If I feel weak and down, and start to pray in the spirit (tongues) for a while, I will soon feel bold as a lioness and strong as a bear! 😅Because the Spirit of the Lion of the tribe of Juda lives in me, and gives me of His power and strength! This is amazing Grace! 🎼🎻⬆️🎹🎶🆙

So, if you're not still baptized in the Holy Spirit with the speaking in new tongues as a sign, I urge you with all my heart to receive it asap, by thanking Abba Father that He has already given it to you, and then open up your mouth and start your "spiritual exercise"! 😊 It'll change your spiritual life at once, and you'll daily grow and come closer to the Lord and Abba Father, as you will stay connected with the Holy Spirit.

I know that I could not live a holy and Godly life in the Lord, without daily "spiritual exercise", I would have slowly died spiritually, so therefore I'm so grateful to Abba Father for His Spirit within me, and as long as I'm down here, I'm going to daily have "spiritual exercises", and also use it in "spiritual warfares".

🌿🌺 🌿 🌺 🌿 🌺 🌿

Please remember that this is a testimony, not a debate. 😊

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