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The Win-Win Relationship Game™

The Win-Win Relationship Game™ isn’t like traditional board games. You don’t carve out time and sit down to play. It's a fun tool that can be played whenever we are with our game partner that allows us to “control” the other person in “every” relationship by controlling the only person on the planet we can control – our self. It enables us to reprogram the most important computer on the planet, OUR BRAIN, and through immediate positive - negative feedback reward ourselves for making our game partner King or Queen for a week . . . every week.   I’m happy to report that time has shown the “Ah Ha” message I received was a simple, but ingenious gift. The game that developed from it works and the results are truly incredible. 

Relationships are our most precious possessions. Improve your relationships and the quality of your life by playing the Win-Win Relationship Game™. Change you so the people whose lives are closely connected to you can change . . . that is the ultimate Win-Win!

Lloyd M. Charles, Jr., MD, FAAP

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Welcome to The Win-Win Relationship Game™ "The Game Where No One Loses"

Why Play the Win – Win Relationship Game™?

Our attitude colors our perception of every variable confronting us, so it is our attitude - positive or negative - that determines how we react to everything – internal and external.  How we perceive and then react to every particular thing or event, word or deed and person we come into contact with, is controlled by our attitude.  

Humans are:

  1. Prone to selfishness and self-centeredness

  2. Forgetful - particularly of the little nice things done to or for them

  3. Not prone to return the little kindnesses shown to them.

  4. Prone to take those little nice things for granted and to not “miss their ‘water’ until the well runs dry”.

  5. Needy of positive affirmation

  6. Competitive

Fortunately, our attitude is malleable.  If we choose to make the investment of time and energy required, our attitude can be modified by conscious sustained effort.  Conventional wisdom says it takes 21 days to change a habit.  The Win-Win Game Relationship Game™ is simple.  It’s designed to address traits # 1 - 4 by exercising traits # 5 & 6.  TheWin-Win Game Relationship Game™ uses a point system to encourage the “players” to consistently focus on the positive and minimize the negative.  Playing the game honestly as designed, over time will change - reprogram - the “players’” attitude(s).  Their perception of and reaction to the many variables influenced - actually controlled - by their attitude(s) will also change as a natural consequence.

Who Should Play the “Win-Win” Relationship Game™?

  • Married or courting Couples! The 2010 divorce rate in America for first marriage was 41%; the divorce rate in America for a second marriage was 60%; the divorce rate in America for a third marriage was 73% and those numbers get worse not better every year.
  • Parent / child 
  • Siblings
  • Friends
  • Coworkers
  • People with a good relationship - Even a diamond must be cleaned and polished to make it shine it's brightest. 

  • Bottom line - Any two people wanting to improve their relationship can match up and play the Win-Win Relationship Game.

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